• I earlier did a review on this Manhattan Powder Mat Makeup ( shade 80 Sand) and the fact that I purchased it again , says for itself.

  • While I was walking through drugstore shelves this Essence Quattro Eyeshadow ( shade 05 To die for) caught my eye. For price around 4 dollars you will get 4 beautiful high pigmented shades,  2 of them are mat and 2 are shimmery.

  • The next thing I am going to show you is another Essence product . About this compact powder you could read a lot past few weeks. All about matt! Fixing compact powder got lots of different reactions, so I decided to try it myself.

  • I went kinda crazy on mascara this time. Usually I will buy mascara just when I really need it, but when I saw 1+1Free sing under Max Factor 2000 Calorie Dramatic Volume I couldn't resist it. So I end up with 2 different shades Max Factor mascaras ( black brown and black).

    Max Factor mascaras got in my makeup bag suddenly, and I can't say that about Loreal ParisVolume Million Lashes excess. I was checking that mascara for a while now, and I hope that will stand up to my expectations.

  • This Debby 100% precision eyeliner pen seems really good. I like dual tip and I really hope that after using this eyeliner I won't look like someone hit me in the eye.Fingers crossed!

  • Let's move on to the lips. I have already tried Nivea Lip Butter in Raspberry Rose before and I can't say I liked it. And now I suddenly came across Labello Lip Butter in Vanilla and Macadamia, Nivea has pretty much the same one .How I didn't like Raspberry Rose by Nivea, this time I bought Labello to see , I hope, the difference. And I just can't describe how this thing smells like. I could just sit and smell it all day.

    Baby lips finally came in Croatia! Yay! I can't wait to try it. But I didn't get crazy and bought all shades. To test it I bought  Baby Lips in Cherry Me. For now I just can say that I love the packaging.

  • This two thing I have used for years now. And I can't imagine those "acne days" without them. I'm talking about Garnier Pure S.O.S. Anti-imperfection Pen and Garnier Body Repair Repairing Cream . I recommend S.O.S. Pen to you if you get few pimples a week because it will kill the pimple in 2 days. And Garnier Body cream will keep you stay moisturised all day long.

  • Sometimes ( I mean always) skin irritations can be really annoying . I was searching so long for some cream  that will help me to prevent irritations after shaving , and I  think that I found it. Although I used Melem in tube ( 50 ml , there are lots of different types of Melem- in stick , 35ml and 10 ml) just once, I am content  tit.

  • Neutrogena Visibly Clear Pink Grapefruit Oil-Free Moisturiser (huh, that is a long name) should hydrate and refresh , help keep skin clear and soft and do not clog pores. It sounds amazing. I am pretty sure that I will do review on it so....shh!

  • I have never before used any "real" face mask .So I am excited about that. I picked up My Face Hydration mask with aloe vera and sheabutter ( 2x7,5ml) and Nivea aqua effect Nourishing Honey Mask for dry skin ( 2x7,5ml). 

    But I didn't stop there. I had to buy My Face young Clear up strips. That strip should clear T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) . One of the ingredients is Salicylic acid so it should prevent acne. Why not?

  • And last but definitely not least. Discovery of the year , Moment Nail Polishes. Their color choice is so wide I couldn't believe when i saw like 1000 nail polishes in front of me. For this highly pigmented and long lasting nail polishes I payed just 1.60 dollars, each one (36 ml except Jeans 01- 10ml) !


  1. planiram si nabaviti essence puder All about matt! vidim da ga mnogi spominju :D
    dobro si odlučila, kada si uzela Cherry me, Baby lips,, imam ju i sama i osuševljena sam :D
    baš ću isprobati my face maske za lice, nisam ih još uočila u Bipi :D
    jako mi je lijep Moment, ovaj ljubičasti u sredini :D

    1. Essence All about matt puder ovih dana i iz paštete iskače :) Kada ga probam možda i neku recenziju napišem!
      Cherry me, Baby lips mi je odličan! Dijelim tvoje oduševljenje :D
      Svakako probaj my face maske za lice, meni su dobre.
      Moment lakići se mogu nabaviti u Offertissimi, a paleta boja im je nevjerojatna.



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