#1 Review - Manhattan Powder Mat Make Up

Manhattan powder mat make up is high quality drugstore product. It has extremly affordable price - only 
9.69$ and it comes in 5 shades. It is intended for mixed and oily skin.

It comes in small 30 ml tube which is perfect for little travel bags. Opening is big but powder doesn't spill around because of it's texture. The only thing that I don't like is that after you spent some of it , you need to squezze it really hard. 

Texture and coverage

Powder is really thick and it gives mat- velvet finish. When you are applying it be sure that you are smearing it fast otherways it will be hard to blend it and equalize powder all over your face.    And  amount of powder that is not blended well will dry and look few shades darker than it really is. At the end it may look like your face is dirty.
  Coverage is the greatest advantage of this powder  to the other ones. If you get carried away and put too much of powder you may look fake. So what I do is just layer it and it covers up almost every acne, blackhead, freckle, redness... But it has one fault, it highlights dry areas so if you have dry skin this may not be the right powder for you. This powder does the great job when ti comes to mat finish. It was on my face whole day and I was not shining.

And if you are wondering here are ingredients of it:

This is everything for this review. If you have any questions leave them in comment.


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