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No, I'll never have enough clothes. Not for a summer or for a winter. Even if I suddenly win a lottery and buy whole NET-A-PORTER there would still be part of me that would crave for more. When I try to explain this to my father or brother or almost ( I said almost ! ;) ) every other male human being they end up looking at me like I just go electroshocked and my hair is going wild in a hundred directions. But you , my dear fashion lovers, know what I'm typing about therefore you all know how hard is to decide what to buy when you find yourself in a huge shopping mall where everything looks pretty and it's just what you need. I helped myself with writing my priority list and here I'll share with you my must-haves for summer.

Sooo.. number 1 :)

# 1 Tank tops

Tank tops! So simple, beautiful and comfy. What more could you wish for ? You can find tank tops literally everywhere and they are usually really affordable. My favorites are white tank tops with some fancy drawing or even better - cute message ( yes.. I really do like to speak through my fashion --> You can wear tank tops in the comfort of your home, or at the beach, maybe at some fancy party.. the list goes on. And.. the best for the last.. you can combine them effortlessly. I mostly wear them with my number 4 (scroll down).

#2 Slide sandals

Discovery of the year - slide sandals. I was so judgemental when it comes to slide sandals. The first slide sandals I saw didn't look very fashionable, actually they looked like somethnog my grandma or even grandpa would wear. That's why I put slide sandals in wear-at-home-when-nobody-is-home category. I borrowed my mum's for around the house purposes and I discovered how comfortable they are. Woow! So much better than flip-flops. Recently many very famous fashion bloggers posted some looks with slide sandals. Here are my favorites:

Nga Wendy 


Amy Valentine


Lisa Dengler


#3 Backpacks

Whoever is going to any kind of a school is probably trying to stay as far as possible from anything school related during summer break, but I just had to mention backpacks. The number one reason why I love backpacks is how practical they are. They come in all shapes and colors, with stripes and starts, flowers, studs.. aaaa.. just amazing. All you have to do is pack summer essentials from Paula's latest beauty post and your are summer ready. 

My Croatian readers make sure to check out ELFS backpack from their latest collection. It's lovely!
Here is pic :

#4 Denim shorts

Finally! Here is what I would combine with tank tops. Denim shorts have always been around and everybody loves them. They're easy way to be stylish with as little effort as possible. I've seen some cool shorts in most of the high-street brands' shops so possibilities are endless. The most exciting thing about denim shorts is DIY! If you are a bit more dexterous then I am ( trust me, that's not really an achievement) you can turn your old jeans into the best shorts ever. 

#5 Swimwear

Tantarannn! Number 5 - how predictable ! For every summer you need some awesome swimwear. It doesn't really matter what you'll pick - bikini, tankini, monokini, ... just make sure to be comfortable in it. When it comes to colors, my favorite choice is mint blue. It's fresh and summery and with a bit of a summer tan you'll be the number one star. Watch out for models with lots of cut-outs, they can give you some unwanted tan lines.

That's all by me! Type you soon :)


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