#3 Review- Smoky Pink Eyeshadows by H&M

H&M cosmetics recently came in Croatia. What kind of beauty blogger I would be to not check  and buy some of their affordable beautiful eyeshadow pallets? I did not know how quality H&M products are so I purchased 2 face masks -Raspberry Smoothie Pore Cleansing Mask  and Grapefruit Deep Pore Cleansing Mask - and beautiful Smoky Pink Eyeshadow palette.

First I am going to say a few words about face masks. The real reason why I bought this 2 is their cute packaging. But I have to admit , I think that they really make a difference. I tried Grapefruit one and it pulled out  small pimples and some blackheads. I payed each one around 3 dollars.

Smoky Pink Eyeshadows

H&M has got a lot of Smoky Eyeshadows ( click , click ,click: http://ow.ly/zxgoH) but when I saw Pink one I just fell in love.

This palette has got one white eyeshadow and 4 different shades of pink eyeshadows. All of them are a little bit shimmery . There is no special name for each one , in fact eyeshadows are marked with numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 ( from left to right).  The mass of each eyeshadow is 1,5g or 0,5Oz. At the end you have 7,5g or 0.26oz of product for 5.96$ ( 39HRK) . I think that price is more than satisfactory.

The packaging is very hard and high quality. Eyeshadows are sorted from lightest to darkest. On the back you can see ingredients for each eyeshadow.

Now the main part. Eyeshadow quality! I didn't expect high pigmented eyeshadows and they are not . But I must admit , the ratio of price ,quality  and quantity is  good. Pigmentation is okay without any primers . They are kinda shocking but you can minimise shocking if you apply it with fingers.

And that is everything I have to say about this Smoky palette. I am surprised with it and this is definitely not  a last H&M product in my makeup collection.

Have you tried and H&M cosmetics?
Share your experiences and comment down below!


  1. Meni su se uvijek cinila nekako meh kvalitete pa ih nisam kupovala, ali lijepo izgleda ova paleta :)



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