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It is back to school season! Althought some of you are probbably already in clasrooms , here where I live we have one more week of summer break. After almost three months of doing NOTHING ,  first weeks of school can be really stressful. But don't worry! I have some great study tips and tricks that will make your all school year whole much easier .

  • So the first tip that I have for you is to organize your desk. Studying is much much easier when you have all things that you need around you and your phone as far as possible. I always make sure that I have some plane A4 paper around ,  sticky notes , highlighters , pens on my desk.

  • Use highlighters! Highlight the most important parts of lesson . I always like to see some colour in my notebooks.

  • Flashcards are the amazing solution for learning definitions. If you don't know what flashcard is , it is basically card or little piece of paper and on one side you write term or question and on the other side definition/answer. It is great for last minute revise.

  • Have 10 minute break after every 45 minutes of studying. It's important to take breaks while you're studying, especially if you're feeling tired or frustrated. Working too long on a task can actually decrease your performance. Listen songs , have fast snack or walk a bit around the block.

  • Study every day!  If you study a little bit every day you'll be continually reviewing things in your mind. This helps you understand things. It also helps you avoid the stress of last-minute cramming.

  • Teach someone. When you are teaching someone you actually see how much you know. And don't worry if you don't have anyone to teach. Just pretend like you are a teacher and explain everything you know about that lesson to yourself.

  • Write a song and record it. You know at least 50 songs.How hard can it be to remember the one about periodic table? Write one about your lesson and just keep it on repeat. This is mine favorite study method. I found it so helpful especially if I am listening it before sleep.

    That is all I have for you today. I hope that this post was helpful . And ofcourse be sure to share your own study tehniques and tips in comments.
    xoxo Paula


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