#1 Must-have - Message T-shirts

Long before fashion became so widely spread and fast changing it was used to express one's mind, or even show acceptance of political ideology. Nowadays, that higher purpose of fashion can be used to express one's personality. Having that in mind I instantly fell in love with clothing brand Flying Donkey. 

Flying Donkey is exactly that – a streetwear brand for the cool, contemporary people who attract attention with their personalities, no matter if they’re preps, hipsters, skaters, party people or anything in between… In any case, you’ll look good and be noticed.
The rest is up to you.

Out of dozens beautifully designed T-shirts with coolest prints I picked my favourites. As all T-shirts are €20, the price is affordable.  T-shirts can be found online at flying-donkey.com . 

 While I'm waiting for my first Flying Donkey T-shirt to arrive, I bought this message T-shirt eye candy.

p.s. I may not be the greatest kisser out there, but when I cook that's a ''Run, Forest, run'' situation.


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