TOP 10 Summer Beauty Essentials

I have recently restocking my makeup collection and couldn't help but notice how I always tend to buy same things for summer. So I decided to share my favorite summer essentials with all of you! I hope you'll find them useful.

  • After a long hot summer night you need something to make you feel fresh and clean. That is why I use Garnier Pure Upoorting Scrub. While it is on skin it gives and leaves so fresh, kinda minty feeling . And another great thing about this product, it cleans up blackheads and prevents acne thanks to Salicylic acid.

  • This next thing I love so much. It is nice really light cream which is quickly absorbed and perfect for summer. I am talking about Garnier Body Repairing cream with maple sap. Basiclly, it does what it says, repairs skin so well that I can't resist it. That is why I am constantly rebuying it.

  • Summer heat , sweating, sea.... These are definitely not conditions for casual full coverage foundation. Every summer I change my foundation. This year I tried Maybelline The Eraser and it is my new favourite foundation for summer. If you want to know more about this product click here to see full review of it.

  • Summer is the perfect time for experimentation , trying new thing , going out of your comfort zone, right? So go on and put on green eyeshadow or make colorful makeup. Find inspiration around yourself. I am sure that you'll rock the look.

  • Don't think that I forgot about sunscreen. I tend to find a sunscreen that will absorb quickly without bad sent. And for now I really like Nivea Pure & Sensitive Sun Lotion with aloe vera. If you go out with this product , don't be afraid that you'll burn in the sun , because it has got SPF 50.
    Another great sunscreen that I can't imagine my summer without is Olival Sun Protection Oil with virgin olive oil and cocoa butter. Olive oil helps with faster suntanning and cocoa butter smells insanely good. This one is a bit lighter when it comes to actual sun protection, it has got SPF 8.

  • You want to have smooth sexy legs without razor blade? Well, then I recommend you Luxepil Depilatory Cold Wax . It will remove any body hair in just one move. It is a little bit painful but, "pretty hurts".
  • If you have those little girl mustache , you know that when the sun is on, mustaches need to go out.
    For that occasion I use the ńĆupko Face Depilatory Set. It removes hair quickly and after some time you get used to pain too.
  • After depilation legs are smooth and a little bit red. If you want to get rid of that redness as quick as possible , use some aloe vera gel. I am using Afrodita Depilation Calming & Antiseptic Gel .I use it especially when I shave my legs. Say bye bye to redness and razor bumps! It has helped me reduce hair growth too. Hands down Aftodita!
  • I usually don't put too much makeup on the summer. But one thing I just can't resist! Mascara. My favorite waterproof mascara is Maybeline The Rocket Volum'. It gives volume , color and length of eyelashes. There is ofcourse another wersion of it , it is not waterproof but I love it too.
  • And last but definitely not least deodorant!We always need good long lasting deodorant , but especially on summer or if you workout. I am using Adidas for Women Soften Silky Touch for so long that I can't imagine going out without it.


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