If you are newbie to makeup then it is probably hard to find perfect foundation , blush, brush... Especially if you don't know what that things do or how to use them. Well, here I will show you 5 things that you should buy first. And if you are not ready to spend a ton of money on your makeup , I set a budget on 35 dollars.

  1. Starting from face. Founding perfect foundation is not easy. Which one you'll pick up depends on how much coverage you need. This one by Rimmel has medium coverage and it is matt. If you don't have really really oily skin , after this foundation you won't need any powder. So you just saved some money!

  2. Blushes are definitely must after foundation. They give nice and healthy effect . But don't overdo it , or you may look like this. There are lots of different blush shades. Here you can check which shades are perfect for your skin colour.

  3. If you are a begginer, until you learn to put eyeshadow ( so it looks nice) mascara is just enough. It opens eyes and gives that perfect flirty look. If you can't find the perfect one, let me introduce you , Maybelline's Volume' Express The Rocket. It has been my favorite for almost year and a half, what is success when it comes to me and mascaras.

  4. Everyone went crazy about Baby Lips past year, and actually I am not surprised. It will protect your lips, give a hint of color and some of the shades have SPF too. Perfect formula for irresistible lips.

  5. There are many many different kinds of makeup brushes. For beginning , if you do not use liquid foundation ,  you will need just blush brush to apply blush on your cheekbones . My favourite brushes are by Real Techniques , price and quality ratio are just great.

What do you think about this little makeup kit? Would you add something to it?
Have you used any of this stuff?
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