All white summer

With rainy weather this summer might not be what everybody whished for. I was certainly left disappointed with empty streets and washed out colors. As all mine mini dresses and shorts will have to wait for a ray of sunshine or two, my favorite H&M Conscious Collection white jeans took the main role. See through intentionally rumpled QS by s.Oliver blouse I found in my mum’s closet. I paired these two white pieces with gorgeous beige Roberto sandals, which are much cheaper version of well-known Zanotti model. This outfit I wore at All white summer beach party so to spice things up I left my blouse unbuttoned (naughty me). The bra that I wore is from H&M underwear collection. Check this outfit down below and be free to twist it your way.

Lots of love!


At the end of the post you can find the picture with similar jeans on it .. click Kors ON SALE!!) 



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